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TransLine 49° Environmental Services

We are an environmental service company falling under White Owl Family Office Group (White Owl), a private investment firm with offices and strategic investments in Canada and the United States.

The focus of TransLine 49° Environmental Services (TransLine) is to work in association with another White Owl entity, Miller Environmental Corporation (Miller), as an agent sourcing new opportunities and creating alliances offering a unique option to the US marketplace for the final disposition of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

For over 25 years, Miller has provided comprehensive environmental management solutions to a wide range of industry and public sector organizations delivering on-time and on-budget service to our customers. We are the most versatile hazardous waste management company of its kind in Canada with such a broad and comprehensive operating license that allows a variety of waste processing capabilities all on one footprint. The site includes multiple processing buildings for organic and inorganic waste, staging and processing cells, and an on-site repository (landfill). Our primary focus is the treatment and final disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste currently servicing all of Canada with an emphasis on recycling, re-use and repurposing of waste.

The advantage TransLine provides to our US customer base is the ability to aid in the transboundary movement of waste from the United States into Canada and accessing a unique disposal option that mitigates your liabilities. Your US liabilities are reduced in two ways. First, US Superfund legislation is not recognized within Canada and secondly, Miller also has direct liability protection covered by the Provincial government.

Our Services

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Processing capabilities offered: