TransLine 49 Environmental Services

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TransLine49° Environmental Services

We are an environmental service company part of White Owl Family Office Group, a private investment firm with offices and strategic investments in Canada and the United States.

TransLine49° Environmental Services, a leader in eco-friendly waste management, is supported by the White Owl Family Office Group. We excel in providing superior waste disposal and recycling solutions, in collaboration with Miller Environmental Corporation. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship drives us to offer innovative options that cater to the evolving needs of the US market.

The TransLine49° Advantage

At TransLine49°, we help with the transboundary movement of waste from the United States into Canada. We offer access to unique disposal and recycling options that mitigate your US liabilities. Firstly, US Superfund legislation holds no jurisdiction in Canada, providing relief from regulatory burden. Additionally, we ensure direct liability protection backed by the Manitoba Provincial government.


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TransLine49° provides consultation in the preparation of cross-border documentation ensuring alignment between the Environmental Protection Agency and Environment Canada.

Disposal and Recycling Capabilities

TransLine49° is an affiliate of Miller Environmental Corporation. We provide a unique alternative final disposal and recycling option to facilities throughout North America.

Logistical Aid

TransLine49° has developed a list of approved carriers to transport waste from the US into Canada.

Gaining Access to One Facility Providing Multifaceted Processing Capabilities:

• Inorganic Corrosive Liquid & Solid Neutralization & Reuse
• Organic Solid/Sludge Fixation & Repurposing
• Organic Flammable Solids & Debris Processing
• Heavy Metal Stabilization
• Chemical Lab Pack Processing
• Contaminated Soil Treatment
• Non regulated Industrial Liquids

Why TransLine49°?

• Reduced Off-Spec Container Rejection
• Waste can be integrated with other onsite processes
• Waste will not have to leave the site!